28 July 2016


50 % of damage to rotating machinery is a direct result of poor alignment !!

During an investigation at a large British chemicals group are randomly tested 160 machines.

Only 7 % of them turned out to have a correct alignment in order to avoid increased wear and to prolong the life of bearings and seals , it is important that the center line of both machines are situated exactly in one line. STS example has the most modern laser equipment for alignment of the machines , also taking into account e.g. thermal growth.

Misalignment affects :

-warmteontwikkeling bearings and clutch , so even wear them

-wear of seals and rubbers

Energy Using

-trillings- and noise

Poorly aligned Misaligned
1 2

Research indicates (Hoechst AG Gendorf ) shows that one action by a proper alignment of up to 30 % less interference cases.

For mechanical seals even up to 65 %